Product Information

 Item product  Dimension
 Decorative Polyester Plywood     2.5mm x 920mm x 1830mm
 2.5mm x 920mm x 2150mm
 2.9mm x 1220mm x 2440mm
 3.8mm x 1230mm x 2440mm
 Decorative Polyester MDF  2.7mm x 920mm x 1830mm
 2.7mm x 1230mm x 2440mm
 Specification Product 
 Thickness Standard (+ 0.2 mm)
 Surface   Matt
Wood Grain 
Notes :

For Glossy finish, surface protected by masking film

Quality HPL Decorative  Laminate board Slice
Polyester Plywood  (MDF base) wood
solid wood solid wood solid wood surface coating 
pattern  color color  pattern  color  pattern 
Thickness 0.8~1.0mm 0.8~1.0mm 2.7~3.0mm 2.7~3.0mm  2.5~3.0mm 2.5~3.0mm  2.5~3.0mm 
Surface Flat Plane Tensile  ◎  ◎ 
Water Delamination  ○  ○  ○  ◎  ◎  ○ 



Pencil Hardness

○  ○  ◎ 
Heat resistance ○  ○  ◎  ◎  ◎ 
Abrasion resistance ○  ○ 
Impact ○  ○ 
Hot water resistance ○  ○ 
Construction performance △  △ 
Solvent resistance ○  ○ 
Desig Property ◎  ◎ 


The above data is a result of our laboratory testing and not be a warranty